Biodiversity Conservation and the Millennium Development Goals

By Jeffrey D. Sachs et al.

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

1. Among other priorities, MDGs seeks to improve people’s lives by halving extreme poverty by 2015.

2. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) deals with the concern about global biodiversity loss.

1. CBD might undermine progress of poverty eradication in the long-term, but there are connections between global challenges, population growth, climate change, overconsumption of ecosystem services, that would be beneficial in further integrating poverty alleviation and conservation initiatives

2. Identify links between the Environment and Poverty
a. Very complex related to development and biodiversity
b. Need to identify and quantify (urgent)
c. Understand local drivers of biodiversity loss in developing/poor areas

3. Interdisciplinary approach-scientific and development policy
a. Understand tradeoffs such as trade liberalization (supply of food vs. vulnerability to commercial agriculture companies-ex deforestation, disease, pests)
b. What are win-win outcomes?
c. Need evidence based intervention to measure trends in biodiversity and ecosystem services
d. Need to be target specific, time limited, reasonably achievable goals and address vulnerable people and biodiversity loss on a global scale
e. Institutional changes to increase productivity to maintain ecosystem services, provide seeds, markets, and expertise
f. How can technology and finance help to reduce emissions from deforestation and dealing with climate change

Future Projects
1. Monitor impacts on poverty alleviation in regards to ecosystem services

2. Document conservationist interventions and affects on the poor

3. Identify cost-effective solutions to ensure implementation of future projects

4. Create spaces for scientists and policy-makers to come together to affect national a global decision-making on conservation and development (possible synergies)
a. International Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
b. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
c. GLOBE International Commission on Land Use Change and Ecosystems

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