Lecture 17: Potential Exam Questions

What factors could affect the depth of the thermocline in a lake (name three)?

-water clarity
-nutrient levels
-seasonal weather variations and climate

What is nutrient enrichment of an aquatic ecosystem? Also, explain the difference between two lake classifications with regards to nutrient levels.

Eutrophication is the nutrient enrichment of an aquatic ecosystem that can be classified a eutrophic and oligotrophic. Eutrophic lakes are nutrient rich and oligotrophic lakes are nutrient poor.

State, in order from primary producer to top-predator, and describe each classification of plankton and fish with regard to lake ecosystem trophic cascades.

-Phytoplankton: Algae, including greens, blue-greens, and diatoms
-Zooplankton: Animal plankton, including rotifers, copepods, cladocerans, and many more
-Planktivores: small fish including blue-gills, lake herring, whitefish, and more
-Piscivores: Large fish including bass, adult salmonids, and more
^^ could continue to say: predatory birds and mammals like cormorants, otters, mergansers, dippers, etc. ^^

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