Chapter 26

Ricklef talked about the key to human survival. He said that this would best be accomplished with interactions with the biosphere. He stated several ways that this could be accomplished. The first was controlling human population growth. The second was increasing our reliance on renewable energy sources. And the the third was a total recycling of material wastes.

He also talked about sustainablitity and keeping the biospheree that way. He said that we must preserve the ecological provesses responsable for it productivity.

He stated the threats to our environment as well. He said that these were over exploitation of resouces, introductions of ecotic species, habitat conservation, irrigation, enrichment with organic wastes, and and production of toxic materials

Chloroflurocarbons have reduced ozone conetrations that has allowed for untraviolet radiation to reac the earths surface.

Carbon dioxide levels are increasing in the atmosphere and threaten to raise the average temperature of the earth.

Ricklefs ended by stating that solutions to these problems will require new attitudes promoting sustainablity and self restraint.

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