Irrupt, as in irruptions (insect)
ir·rupt (-rpt)
intr.v. ir·rupt·ed, ir·rupt·ing, ir·rupts
1. To break or burst in.
2. Ecology To increase rapidly and irregularly in number: In the absence of predators, the island's rodent population irrupted1

Pronunciation: 'lA-"bIl, -b&l
Function: adjective

readily or frequently changing: as a
readily orcontinually undergoing chemical, physical, or biological change or breakdown labile antigen> b : characterized by wide fluctuations (as in blood pressure or glucosetolerance) <labile hypertension> <labile diabetes> c : emotionally unstable —la·bil·i·ty /lA-'bil-&t-E/ noun plural -ties2
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