Final Exam Review: MAIN TAKEAWAYS

This should be a collection of main themes/takeaways from each lecture. I've left this open so others can contribute if they feel inclined or need to satisfy their wiki posting quota (as I do)…

Part I: Introduction
Core Themes and the (Eco)systems Approach

Weds 9 Sept, Lecture 1 (Currie)

A Brief History of Planet Earth & the Origins of Life
Mon 14 Sept, Lecture 2 (Allan)

Part II: Ecosystems and Biogeochemistry
Energy, Life, and Transformations

Weds 16 Sept, Lecture 3 (Currie)

Plant Physiology, Energetics, and Water Relations
Mon 21 Sept, Lecture 4 (Currie)

Terrestrial Production, Decomposition, NPP, NEP, and C Storage
Weds 23 Sept, Lecture 5 (Currie)

Climate, Glaciation, and Stability
Mon 28 Sept, Lecture 6 (Currie)

Vegetation Biomes
Weds 30 Sept, Lecture 7 (Currie)

Deposition, Weathering, and Acid-Base Chemistry of Natural Waters
Mon 5 Oct, Lecture 8 (Currie)

Nutrient Flows and Transformations from Terrestrial to Aquatic Ecosystems
Weds 7 Oct, Lecture 9 (Currie)

Nutrient Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Mon 12 Oct, Lecture 10 (Currie)

Part III: Evolution and Population-Community Ecology
Evolution by natural selection

Weds 21 Oct, Lecture 11 (Allan)

Population Growth
Mon 26 Oct, Lecture 12 (Allan)

Population dynamics and regulation
Weds 28 Oct, Lecture 13 (Allan)

Species Interactions, Competition and Mutualisms
Mon 2 Nov, Lecture 14 (Allan)

Consumer-Resource Interactions
Weds 4 Nov, Lecture 15 (Allan)

Community Structure
Mon 9 Nov, Lecture 16 (Allan)

Part IV: Global Systems and Change
Lake Ecosystems

Weds 11 Nov, Lecture 17 (Allan)

River Ecosystems
Mon 16 Nov, Lecture 18 (Allan)

Global Water
Weds 18 Nov, Lecture 19 (Allan)

Land Use / Land Cover Change
Mon 23 Nov, Lecture 20 (Currie)

Human Systems: A Focus on Agriculture
Mon 30 Nov, Lecture 21 (Currie)

Global Biodiversity
Weds 2 Dec, Lecture 22 (Allan)

The Biodiversity Crisis
Mon 7 Dec, Lecture 23 (Allan)

Global Systems
Weds 9 Dec, Lecture 24 (Currie)

Course Wrapup and Final Thoughts
Mon 14 Dec, Lecture 25 (Allan and Currie)

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