Habitat & Conservation

habitat fragmentation
five effects:
1) total amount of habitat decreases
2) number of habitat patches increases
3) amount of edge habitat increases
4) average patch size decreases
5) patch isolation increases

effect on biodiversity:
reduction in total habitat area causes reduction in species richness (see Ch. 20, species-area relationships)
(not enough habitat area for larger predators, prey population can increase- i.e., large mouse population and not enough predators to eat them- common farmhouse issue…)

consider differences of:
phyletic and species biodiversity conservation

Ideal design for conservation area:
1) larger better than smaller
2) one large reserve better than several small
3) corridors between
4) circular better than elongate (less edge)

Also consider:
Although campaigns to save one species are expensive, it often highlights conservation issues more generally and result in large protected areas (thereby making progress on conservation goals to preserve ecosystems)

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