Important terms and definitions - energetics
  1. Q10:Rate of physiological processes at a particular temperature / Rate of physiological processes at a temperature that is 10 degrees lesser
  2. Metabolic theory of Ecology: Temperature has a consistent effect on Ecological and Evolutionary processes. Usually, higher the temperature, higher the rate of metabolism.
  3. Homestasis: The ability of organisms to adjust their internal body temperature and maintain it within the physiological range (that can support life).
  4. Ectotherms: Species that receive heat from external agents to maintain their body temperature.
  5. Endotherms: Species that produce heat internally (by metabolic activities) to maintain their body temperature.
  6. Ecological Efficiency: Efficiency of nutrient transfer from a lower trophic level to the higher, in an ecosystem. It is usually between 5 to 20% .
  7. Photosynthetic Efficiency: Percentage of energy in sunlight that is converted to NPP - usually 1-2%
  8. Water use efficiency: Number if grams of dry matter produced per kg of water transpired.
  9. Nutrient use efficiency: Number if grams of dry matter produced per g of nutrient assimilated.
  10. Compensation point: Light intensity at point at which NPP = 0. Respiration = Photosynthesis.
  11. Saturation point: Point at which increase in light intensity no longer increases NPP.
  12. Sensible heat: Heat of a substance by virtue of its temperature
  13. Latent heat: Heat possessed by a substance due to its phase. (A gas at 100 degree Celsius has more energy than a liquid at the same temperature)
  14. Chemautotrophy: Ability by which organisms capture energy from reduced inorganics (chemicals) rather than CO2.
  15. Metabolism: Oxidation of these high energy reduced chemicals
  16. Aerobic respiration: Uses oxygen as reducing agent to break down chemicals and release energy.
  17. Anaerobic respiration: Uses NO3,SO4, Fe, CO2 as reducing agents to do the same.
  18. Methanogenesis: Uses CO2 as reducing agent and converts it to methane.

Trophic Pyramid:

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