Lab 1, Week 2 discussion

I am having some difficulty getting the overall concepts from the Lab 1 Week 2 lab. For example, if in a forest, the NEP goes down slightly with an increase in temperature, what does this mean? The way I interpret this is that the temperature increase means BOTH more C is absorbed via Ps AND more C is respirated from autotrophs and heterotrophs. But overall NEP being lower means more C resulted from respiration than absorbed from Ps. This means that there is more C in the atmosphere with the rise in temperature and less C is sequestered. Does this sound right?
Hopefully this doesn't confuse anyone but if you followed what I wrote, let me know if you think i'm understanding this correctly.

also, i found some good articles online about this in case anyone is interested…
this one expands on what NEP means:
and this is an abstract on a modeling experiment on the effects on C stocks and NEP of clear-cutting vs. partial-cutting a forest in Canada:

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