Lecture 11-17-09 Notes

Lecture was about the physical and biological setting of rivers

River Ecosystems
—physical processes and ecological processes are intertwined

Water materials Move downstream
upstream influences everything downstream (including watershed)
1st order stream score the smallest perennial unit
most streams are in the 1st 2nd or 3rd order streams

Stream System, segment system, Reach System, "Pool/Riffle" System, Micro habitat System.

Channel Types In Longitudinal Profile
Sediments are sorted
Finer are deeper, lower=sandier
has power to sort itself
Turns it into a stream habitat
Stream Power + sediment transport
How streams are put into types

Lane's Law
Stream Channels are in equillibrium hen:
sediment discharge (Qs) * sediment particle size(Ds)= Stream discharge (Qw)* stream slope (s)

Food Webs and Energy SOurces of Streams
most of energy of stream comes from dead organic matter=heterotrophic system
No trees, just sunlight. Living on Algae =autotrauphic system

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