Lecture 22 Potential Exam Questions

1. How do you describe a gamma, alpha and beta diversity?

2. Why at there more species near the equator?

3. Why are some species more abundant than others?

4. What is a terrestrial biodiversity hotspot?

5. What is an endemic species and what is unique about it?

6. Describe the biological diversity patterns.

7. How many known species are there and how many are unknown on earth?

8. What are some of the hidden costs of not protecting biodiversity?

9. About how many new species of fish are discovered each year?
10) Discuss how island size and distance from mainland effect species colonization and extinction.

11) Name two regulating services and two provisioning services the ecosystem provides. For each service you list, provide an example of how that service is/will be impacted given human behavior.

12. Explain the difference between conserving species diversity vs. phyla diversity?

13. What affects Colonization and Extinction Rates?

14. What are the general patterns of species abundance and richness both globally and in an ecosystem?

15. What are hotspots and why are they a focus of conservation? Include information on where they are most likely to be found and why. (i.e. why the Tropics are an especially prevalent locations for said hotspots)
16. Demonstrate you understand one variation of the “species-area” equations and its implications for biodiversity.
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