Lecture 22: Required reading (Sachs)

Here is a summary of the Sachs reading on biodiversity:

  • One of the Millennium Development Goals was to dramatically decrease the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010.
  • Surprise, surprise - we're not doing a very good job
  • We need to do a better job of linking biodiversity and poverty alleviation initiatives, because these goals can be intertwined
  • As an example, lower birth rates will put less pressure of the natural world to meet basic human needs, which means less pressure from humans on endangered species
  • It's also important, because as my GSI in undergrad used to remind us - "We'll have conservation after breakfast" - meaning, it's unreasonable (and unethical as well) to ask people not to consume in the name of biodiversity protection when those people are struggling to survive
  • Although we won't hit the 2010 biodiversity goals, we need to set another benchmark in the future that is attainable, measurable, and clear
  • Poverty alleviation projects need to detail how they impact biodiversity conservation, and vice versa
  • Policy makers need to be presented with options going forward that benefit biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation
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