Nov 29 Lecture

Natural Systems are coupled with Human Systems—this is a key concept.

Food Procurement:
-cultivation of domesticated plant crops
-pastoralism: living on herds
-animal feeding and raising
-livestock, dairy,feedlots
-fish farming

Early humans probably wiped out megafauna
-tended to be mobile; they moved to follow food
-not sure how long domestication took

Neolithic Revolution
-new stone age
-appearance of primitive agriculture

Middens/Trash Heaps
-co-evolution of culture and plant traits
-things grew in trash heaps

people artificially selected crops they liked; domestication

population pressure and extinction of wild game

human pop growth and agricultural growth probably influenced one another

Malthus: carrying capacity set because of starvation

Shifting Cultivation
-mixed use; might be sustainable
-tree fallows protect soil

before machinery, limiting force on agriculture was manpower

intensity breeds greater intensification
-eliminates limiting factors

3 main elements to Green Revolution:
1. Mechanical
2. Chemical
3. Biological

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