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Cary Fowler

Application to Agriculture and Biodiversity:

The varieties of wheat, corn and rice we grow today may not thrive in a future threatened by climate change. Cary Fowler takes us inside a vast global seed bank, buried within a frozen mountain in Norway, that stores a diverse group of food-crop for whatever tomorrow may bring.



Nalini Nadkarni

Mutualism, secondary succession, and nutrient cycling in tree canopies:

A unique ecosystem of plants, birds and monkeys thrives in the treetops of the rainforest. Nalini Nadkarni explores these canopy worlds — and shares her findings with the world below, through dance, art and bold partnerships.



Michael Pollan

The Ominvore's Next Dilemma, human seduction by plants, biochemistry as prey defense, "grass farming":

What if human consciousness isn't the end-all and be-all of Darwinism? What if we are all just pawns in corn's clever strategy game to rule the Earth? Author Michael Pollan asks us to see the world from a plant's-eye view.



Bonnie Bassler

Intraspecies communication via chemical behaviors and quorum sensing:

Bonnie Bassler discovered that bacteria "talk" to each other, using a chemical language that lets them coordinate defense and mount attacks. The find has stunning implications for medicine, industry — and our understanding of ourselves.


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