Tracking Progress article

This article talks about the 190 countrie that pledged, under the Convention on Biological Diversity, to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss. by 2010. The article states that this is dependant on a comprehesive suite of biodiversity indicators that must be tracked over time. The article seeks to anser the question, "How far have we come in meeting these needs and is it sufficient?"
In 2006 the CBD adopted a framework of 22 cross-disciplinarly headline indicators with which to measure progress. However, 2010 is fast approaching and the indicators set are by no means complete. There is a challenge of data avalailability, consistency, and relevance.
Patchy data are another challenge, including gaps in data submissions. The article relates, however, that efforts are being made to improve representation in indicators. The article also reports that information on genetic or ecosystem level changes in biodiversity is much patchier. The article states that for the indicators that are underdeveloped, the race is now on to ensure adequate and sufficient coverage by 2010.
The article continues by stating that the scientific community must be encouarged to engage in developing these indicators. Indicators must be developed to fill a major a gap regarding the effect of biodiversirty change on the provision of ecosystem services.
The article closes by stating that indicators can not be developed in the absence of reliable biodiversity data. The article cites that "The scientific community must engage and encourage governments in this regard."

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