Wiki FAQ

This is your course-notes site

Joining the site so you can post and edit:

  • You must get a free user account to join. Your username should have some semblance to your real name so that the instructors can track your posts.
  • You have to join the site before you can post and edit. Click "How do I join" in the nav bar at left.

Posting and editing material

  • You can edit any page. Click the Edit button at the bottom right. You can change everything in the main area of your page. The Wikidot language is easy to learn but powerful. Feel free to edit other students' posts — the idea is for this to be a holistic, group construction.
  • To post new material, simply edit the page, and paste it in the editing window. (right-click and select 'paste'.) You can develop material in a different software package such as MS Word, then copy it from there and paste it here.
  • Add new pages as needed. We suggest three pages for each lecture: course notes, background and additional research, and suggested exam questions. Page titles should also indicate which lecture they are for.

If you want to get into it even more

  • the site has two menus, one at the side called 'nav:side', and one at the top called 'nav:top'. These are Wikidot pages, and you can edit them like any page. If you can think of an interesting way to use these menus to improve the wiki, go for it.
  • You can attach images and other files to any page, then display them and link to them in the page.
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